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December client spotlight: Rainier the Great Pyrenees mix

Congratulations to our December client spotlight, Rainier (Rainey) the Great Pyrenees mix!

Rainey loves to cuddle after each training session!

Rainey and her big brother, Riley, have been clients of ours for some time now, utilizing a variety of services. We have been focusing on Day Training with Rainey to help her work through some dog reactivity issues, and improving her overall ability to focus on her handler while out on walks.

Rainey has been learning that dogs mean meatballs, which is a very good thing. By having her maintain distance from other dogs and allowing her the opportunity to make this association, she is starting to get calmer and happier about noticing them, rather than panicking, lunging and barking. She is now able to offer more reliably the behavior of looking back at her handler, for the meatball. She’s even more relaxed to walk down the block where her “nemesis” lives! We have been steadily getting a looser leash and more connection overall on walks as well.

We are really proud of Rainey and love working with her, her big brother Riley, and her very dedicated and loving mom. It’s very rewarding to see her improvements, and we love spending time with her to cuddle after each session. She is a very sweet and lucky girl!

Thank you for entrusting Delightful Doggies for your dog training and behavior needs!
Owner, Delightful Doggies


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