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Dog-dog aggression: Lucy’s story

It’s a common problem, especially for dogs when they’re on leash: displaying reactivity/aggression toward other dogs.

Lucy always had some issues with accepting other dogs, both on and off-leash, but it was getting worse so her parents called us for help. They didn’t want her or another dog to get hurt and weren’t sure how to make it better.

After an initial questionnaire and consult process, we put together a plan for Lucy and her parents that included desensitization and counterconditioning at the forefront: by pairing strange dogs with a delicious, motivating food (in Lucy’s case, cheese), we helped her feel BETTER about seeing other dogs. Once she felt better, she started to actually look forward to seeing other dogs, and at that point, we were able to successfully introduce her to our five approved Delightful Doggies doggy assistants! You can see the process in our video:

We’ve helped many dogs with similar issues, without the use of any force, fear or intimidation. Contact us today so we can help you too!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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